Tessy by Roidal

Tessy is a newer brand designed for the younger audience, but it is owned by Roidal, one of the finest swimwear manufacturers in the world. Roidal is a beautiful, top end swimwear brand from Spain. Started in the 1970's by the Roeg family, Roidal is based in Salomo, a pretty hillside village near the Roman seaport of Tarragona about 50 miles from Barcelona. Founder, Mme Dalmau and her daughter Tessy, and use their expertise to work with suppliers of their founding organisation and have used their reputation and skill to create some of the highest quality swimwear in the world, but with a young and fresh eye and a flair for gorgeous design. From 2018, the hallmark of the Tessy designs are now incorporated into the main Roidal Swim collection. The best selling styles are still available but just not under the "Tessy' name. Please contact us for further information if needed on 0161 427 6984.